Sunday, March 20, 2011

The sequel

I am very excited to say that we are heading back to Mangrove Mountain in April/May 2011, en famille this time. More to come!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

installation of ground up library

flora and fauna

small bearded dragon (about 18 inches)

parrot on the veranda

snake at the county fair and road on the farm

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Upside Down Man cave

Just across from Neil and Jieon's house is a deep gorge - on the other side is this amazing cave with aboriginal rock paintings.

The drawings are built up over one another with little regard for the underlying layer - most are done in ochre, some are rubbed into the rock surface.

There is one exception to this and that is the figure of the Upside Down man - a very unusual figure anyway but also clearly demarcated by the space all around it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mangrove Mountain

It's a strangely cinematic experience being in Mangrove Mountain. There are cockatoos and parrots in the trees and giant lizards and snakes in the garden. 

This is the house of Neil, Jeion and Claire where I am staying. It is also the home of the Brown's Cows Art Projects. 

I am here to participate in the Mangrove Mountain County Fair annual art residency. I have brought the work of the Ground Up Artists' Collective in the form of a library and selection of unframed drawings.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I think the suitcase is heavier than me.

This is the list of items going out for the 'Library from the ground up';


Collective Projects and Materials
o Spoilt Broth, Printed tea-towel and poster, (Vincent Wall lead artist) 2008
o Ground up tabloid publication (Ground Up artists) 2003
o Ground Up; reconsidering contemporary art practice in the rural context (Edited by Fiona Woods) 2008

Books and publications
o Space Shuttle; Six projects of Urban Creativity and Social Intervention, Belfast PS2 artists collective, Belfast
o The Soft Edge; A Public Art Project by Aileen Lambert, 2008
o Printed Project Issue ’05, curated by Alan Phelan,
o Contexts, Volume 4 issue 2, The Art Work Issue edited by Gemma Tipton

o The Raheen Prayer Blanket, Astrid Adler, 2008
o XPO and Cross Land, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2006 - 2008
o The Blushing Hills, Sean Taylor, 2005
o Functioning Forms Ireland, Vladimir Arkhipov, 2006
o Sweet Bellharbour, Maria Kerin, 2005
o Triptych: Dawn, Noon, Nocturne, Eileen Healy, 2006
o Model Farm, Eileen Healy, 2007
o Ground Up documentary by Fergus Tighe, 2008

o Eist; Soundworks on CD, Aileen Lambert, 2005
o Clog an Chlair, soundwork by Aileen Lambert, 2006
o Coisir an tSionnann [The Shannon Suite], Softday, 2002
o Rural Monument, data CD, Clive Moloney, 2007
o Images for GUAC library, John Hanrahan, 2008

Loose Material
o Write Off, photocopied comic, Vincent Wall, 2004
o Spoilt Broth, photocopied comic, Vincent Wall, 2007
o The Clare Champion, comic strip on T-shirt, Vincent Wall, 2006
o Immature Fluke, print and embroidered crest on school jumper, Vincent Wall, 2007
o Immature Fluke, badges by Vincent Wall, 2007
o X-PO Report, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2008
o Cross Land report, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2007
o Ag Tochailt/ Digging, Monica de Bath
o Untitled, stickers, Tamas Kaszas, 2005
o Special Offer, Emma Houlihan, 2005
o Various functional object-based sculptures, Emma Houlihan, 2006 – 2008
o Urban Survival Cupboards, Emma Houlihan, 2007
o Liss Ard (work in progress) Emma Houlihan, 2008
o DIY Football, Emma Houlihan, 2007
o Portable Wall, Emma Houlihan, 2006
o Everywhere is a playground, Emma Houlihan, 2007
o Get Over It, Emma Houlihan and Sally Timmons, 2007
o Untitled, Series of photographs, Maria Finucane, 2008
o Shelters Research, Aine Phillips, 66 sheets, 2003 – 4
o Documentation of Intervention at Corofin Agricultural Fair, Ground Up 2, 2004, 10 sheets
o Folder, Fragments from a studio, John Hanrahan, various dates
o Shifting Ground conference programme, 2006
o 3 Teaspoons of clay, (small cards) 2008 Maria Kerin and Aileen Lambert, 2008
o Visual Stuttering research, Eileen Healy, 14 sheets, 2006 – 2008
o Imagining Silvermines; a psychogeography, final report Fiona Woods 2007
o Silvermines; Becoming Utopia, mock up book, Fiona Woods, 2007

Exhibition Catalogues and Brochures
o XPO brochure, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2008, limited edition of 250
o Local Local, curated by Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2006
o Local Ground, new work 2004 – 2008, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2008
o Wrap, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2000
o Shelter, Aine Phillips, 2004
o The Green, Alan Counihan, 1997
o Prayers Before Dying, Alan Counihan, 2001
o Peatlands, curated by Ruarai O’ Cuiv and Kevin O’ Dwyer, 2008
o Exploring Woodlands, 1999
o Olmo/ Leamhan/Elm
o Shelters 1, limited edition of 500, 1999
o Sculpture at Kells curated by Alan Counihan, 2008
o Amanda Dunsmore, Sculpture, Installation, Performance, 1996
o Head to Head, 1998
o Infusion ’98, National Review of Live Art
o EvenOdd, Masters of Fine Art Degree Show, Burren College of Art, 2007
o Lost, 2006
o National College of Art and Design, Fine Art Faculty Degree Exhibition, 2003
o Not What You’d Expect; Irish Painting 1919 – 2007, curated by Fiona Woods, 2007
o Functioning Forms Ireland, Vladimir Arkhipov, curated by Fiona Woods 2006
o Shifting Ground Art Programme, 2006
o Voice, curated by Fiona Woods, August 2002
o in/sight October 2000
o Aspect, Mairin Kelly
o Tufal, (Hungarian) 2006
o Bothar (postcards), a work of public art by Aileen Lambert, 2005

o Nurture, Fiona Woods, 2002
o Pink Sheds, Fiona Woods, 2005
o Immature Fluke, Vincent Wall, 2007
o Mattie Rynne wall drawing at XPO, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2007
o Local Local, curated by Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2006
o Erratic, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 1996
o An Leabhar Mor, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2001
o Erratic, Deirdre’ O Mahony, 1996
o Traces of Origin 2, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 1993
o Local Ground, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2008
o X-PO, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2008
o Cross Land, Deirdre O’ Mahony, 2007
o Untitled, Marie Connole, 2007
o EvenOdd, Marie Connole, 2007
o Keeper Series #3, Amanda Dunsmore, 2007
o The Blushing Hills, Sean Taylor, 2005
o Clog an Chlair, Aileen Lambert, 2006
o They who know the truth don’t advertise it; Tamas Kaszas, 2007

o Immature Fluke, Vincent Wall, February 2007
o Functioning Forms Ireland, Vladimir Arkhipov, October 2006
o Sweet Bellharbour, Maria Kerin, July 2005
o Shifting Ground (conference), New Perspectives on Art and Rural Culture, October 2006
o Our Goal is Life, Centrum Squatting Group, Budapest, 2005
o Ballydermot Works, Monica de Bath

Press clippings
o Irish Times article ‘Fertile ground for art’ October 2006
o Visual Artists Newsletter ‘Are You Ready For The Country?’ May/June 2006
o Visual Artists Newsletter, article by Dominic Stevens and Djeribi, 2006
o Clare People ‘Shifting Perspectives’ October 2006